While we love our namesake of Highlands Ranch, we really just love everything about Colorado and the metro area! Centennial, CO is one of our absolute favorite places to be! Close enough to Denver but far enough away to feel closer the foothills and nature it’s tough to beat the natural beauty of Centennial.

There’s a reason Centennial was listed at the 13th best place to live according to Money Magazine. While everyone has their own take, here’s our list of why Centennial is a great place to live, work, run a business and raise a family!

The Great Outdoors

Centennial (and much of the south metro area) is freckled with hills large and small. This means that while running errands or on your daily commute you’re likely to stumble onto an amazing view of the metro area or the Rocky Mountains. Again, you have the best of both worlds: a visual connection to the natural beauty of Colorado with complete access to all the amenities of the city.

A Safe Community

Centennial is a safe place to be and a great place to raise a family. Crime rates are low and it really is a family friendly environment.

Great Schools

The Cherry Creek School District is well known as an amazing school system. Many Colorado residents move from other parts of the metro area in order to enjoy the benefits of these schools. Keep an eye on the news and you’ll see schools in the district are consistently winning achievement and performance awards.

Amazing Parks

Centennial is filled with a variety of amazing parks and trails across the city. Whether you want to go on a great urban hike or you enjoy a long bike ride, Centennial has something to offer. We highly recommend you try to work in a bike ride to commute. You might be surprised how far you can actually get without every touching a busy road.

You’re also only a short 30 minutes from the amazing hiking trails found in Golden, CO.

The Beer!

Colorado is quickly gaining a reputation for craft beer. Some argue that Colorado started it all. Centennial is in the center of it all with a long list of amazing microbreweries sprinkled across the city.

The Shopping

The Streets at Southglenn have just about everything you could ever need. With a mix of outdoor and indoor shops, you can enjoy the area regardless of the weather. Catch a quick lunch with the family and then a movie and dinner. There’s really something for everyone here.

Business Friendly

As a Centennial pressure washing service,we can vouch for Centennial as a great place to run a business. Friendly customers and clean-conscious community it’s a great city to work in.  Centennial, like many cities in Colorado, is focused on earth-friendly services which we highly recommend if you want to compete. That’s why our power washing service always strives to use reclaimed water whenever possible.

What’s Your Favorite Part Of Centennial?

We know that there’s a lot more to love than we even mentioned here! Let us know what you think is the best part of amazing Centennial, Colorado!