How much do you know about the history of Littleton, CO? Even though we’re a Littleton power washing service, we still love a good bit of history! We’ve put together a very brief history of Littleton!

The Colorado Gold Rush

Like many areas of Colorado, Littleton’s history can be traced back to the gold rush that started in the year 1859. Many came in search of fortune and ended up making Littleton and the surrounding areas their home.

New residents meant a greater need for infrastructure and other amenities of any city. That’s how engineer Richard Sullivan Little eventually made his way to what was then an unnamed swarth of land. Little immediately fell in love with the area and made his stake to a portion of land.

Little brought his wife Angeline in 1862 and made his house a home. Angeline loved the new area as well since the dry Colorado climate just about completely cured her asthma. As the years went on, the Littles started a small family and eventually collaborated with other nearby families to build a large flour mill in 1867 which would provide a major economic stimulus to the area.

It wasn’t until 1872 that the Littles divided their property into what would become the small village of Littleton. But Littleton didn’t stay small for long. In 1871 a major railroad from the east finally established a reliable means of traveling to Colorado. This meant that the small village of Littleton grew rapidly along with the population.

Like most of the United States at the time, agriculture was the way of life in Littleton until World War II when things started to change everywhere. Manufacturing became a bigger part of our small city.

Littleton Today

Littleton celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2015. What a long way this little village has come since the days of the Little family! Want to find out more about the history of Littleton? Check out the site for everything you’d ever want to know!