Awning Power washing and cleaning

Make your business look amazing with professional awning power washing and cleaning. 

Clean Awnings From Highlands Ranch Brothers Pressure Washing

Adding character and protection awnings are great for any business to have.

They protect customers or clients from the rain before entering the building while adding life to the entrance. Being exposed to the elements will cause a build-up of dirt, grime, and mildew.

Highlands Ranch Brothers Power Washing Company will clean your awnings, so they are fresh and bright again. We can also clean your entire commercial space!

When hiring us you’ll receive:

  • Gentle Cleaning Solutions
  • Professional Team of Cleaners
  • Exceptional Service
  • Quality Equipment
  • Fair Pricing¬†

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Benefits Of Professional Awning Cleaning

Washing awnings is a delicate task, one we take with great care. Made with a strong but soft fabric, the incorrect detergents, and pressure washers could easily damage or tear the material. We make sure to only use gentle cleaning solutions that are guaranteed safe for the protective coating applied to the awning.

In some cases, a mild soap and brush technique is an efficient clean for your awning. In most scenarios, the dirt is compact and difficult to remove from the fabric. Our detergents will break apart and lift the dirt particles, making a low-pressure stream capable of washing away all remaining grime.

Our professional crew of cleaners makes certain to only use the correct amount of pressure on the fabric, any higher would cause damage while any lower will not completely wash the dirt away. You can count on Highlands Brothers Power Washing to give your awning the cleaning it needs.

When you’re walking into a building the awning is one of the first things that catches your eye. When your customers are approaching your store or business the first thing you want them to see isn’t a dirt-covered awning. You want them to see a clean and bright building ready to serve their needs. By hiring a professional power washing company you are maintaining the look of your building and protecting your investment. Don’t let your awning sit dirty any longer and call Highlands Ranch Brothers Power Washing today!