Gum removal and power washing

Stuck on gum can be tough to remove. Trust the local power washing pros to get the work done right. Call today or request a quote online.

Gum Removal Service In The South Metro Area

City sidewalks and walls are the number one target for gum that is carelessly spat out. Not only is it an annoyance but it’s also vandalizing business property.

Highlands Ranch Brother Power Washing will remove gum from sidewalks and walls with the power of pressurized water, no matter how sticky the matter.

When hiring us you can always expect:

  • No nonsense pricing
  • Experienced crew
  • Gum-free sidewalks!

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Why Having Gum Free Sidewalks And Walls Matters

Our company always removes gum safely and correctly. When power washing concrete it’s easy to make mistakes and cause etching. If concrete is etched the pores within the pavement are opened, allowing substances and dirt to easily seep in. Repairing etched concrete is considerably difficult, that’s why pressure washing should be left to professionals. We make certain to only use hot water and remove the gum in gentle massaging motions.

Highlands Ranch Brother Power Washings’ crew members are trained to wash any material given. We know which pressure levels and temperature of the water is best for concrete, depending on its age, density, and porosity. We assure you that we will remove all gum from your sidewalk, no matter how stubborn or sticky it is.

As business owners, you know how important the look of your building is. Dirty sidewalks filled with grime and gum is unsanitary and not pleasing to the eye. To support the high-class feel of your business we recommend removing gum as soon as possible. If neglected for too long, the chemical makeup of gum and the acidity from saliva will stain the concrete.

In some cases, when the gum isn’t removed, it will etch the concrete causing unnecessary damage. The last thing you want for your business is a stained sidewalk for your customers or potential clients to look at. If cleaned regularly by Highlands Brother Power Washing Company your sidewalks will stay gum and stain-free.