Patio Power washing

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Patio Pressure Washing In Highlands Ranch, CO

Patios are a great addition to any home. They add beauty while creating a place for you to enjoy the outdoors just outside your home.

They’re perfect for watching the sunrise/sunset, enjoying lunch with your family, and keeping an eye on the kids. After a period of time, if not washed, your patio could accumulate dirt and grime.

We offer patio cleaning services so your deck or patio stays clean and beautiful. Whether it’s made out of wood or another material we will make sure it returns to the spotless condition from when it was first installed.

Why work with us? Here are a few reasons: 

  • High-Quality Machines/Equipment
  • Certified and Knowledgable Crew
  • Patio and Deck Cleaning
  • Biodegradable Detergent
  • Eco-friendly Chemicals

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The Finer Points Of Patio Power Washing

When installing or buying materials for your patio they may be labeled “maintenance free.” While patios or decks may not need a lot of attention, they should be pressure washed regularly. Along with your sidewalk and other parts of your home’s exterior!

Dirt, grime, debris, mildew, and mold can build-up on the surface and cracks. Without a proper power wash, the contamination may become harmful to pets and children. The grime will start to damage your deck or patios material, causing early deterioration. If ignored too long, you might have to re-install a new patio or fix the damaged areas. Don’t worry about buying a new deck, instead hire a local pressure washing company (like us)! We’ll make sure all dirt, grime, mildew, and mold is completely removed.

You might have already realized that a garden hose and some scrubbing won’t bring back the splendor of your deck/patio. The water pressure has to be powerful enough to wash away every stubborn layer of dirt. A household hose doesn’t have the right amount of power to strip away all the materials that are clinging to your patio.

Our biodegradable detergents will thoroughly eat away all the grime, making it easy to wash it away with our powerful pressure washers. We don’t want you to waste another pointless moment with the garden hose; we want you to have a deck/patio that shines in all its original glory.