Trash Can cleaning service in highlands ranch

Get a YEAR of monthly cleaning for only $120!

Garbage Can Cleaning Services In Highlands Ranch And Beyond!

That smell from your trash can isn’t just an inconvenience…it also means that you’ve got bacteria growing in your garbage can!

But don’t worry, we can help. 

We offer complete garbage can cleaning to get the job done right. Here’s what you can expect from our service:

  • No more smelly trash cans or bacteria growth. 
  • An eco-friendly process that minimizes water usage doesn’t leave waste water behind. 
  • We work with your existing waste management company to schedule trash can cleaning. That means easy scheduling. 
  • Less expensive than you think…we offer an entire YEAR of garbage can cleaning for only $120!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Trash Can Cleaning Service

Garbage can cleaning is a relatively new service so we expect you to have a few questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got answers!


Can’t I Clean My Trash Can Myself?

Yes, you can. But cleaning a trash can that’s three feet deep isn’t an easy task. You have a lot to manage between water usage, being able to reach and not making a mess in the process.

Instead, you could work with the Highlands Ranch Brothers Power Washing team and benefit from our specialized truck designed to specifically clean trash cans. Our truck uses reclaimed water, minimizes waste water, doesn’t leave a mess and ensures every inch of your trash can is completely clean.

Not only that, it saves you time and aren’t things you’d rather be doing than cleaning your can?


How Often Should I Have My Can Cleaned?

We suggest most clients get once a month cleaning. If you have a special circumstance, we can clean your trash cans at a greater frequency but for most families once a month keeps your can clean and odor-free.


Is This Expensive?

We find that most clients expect this service to be much more expensive than it actually is! If you bill annually, you can get an entire year of can cleaning for only $120 which comes out to only $10 per month. That’s it. It doesn’t get any better than that!


How Do You Know When To Clean My Can?

We often hear clients worry about having to remember when to put the can out for us to clean. You’re already busy and the last thing you need is to try and remember another chore to get done.

Well, don’t worry because we’ve made it as easy as possible to get your can cleaned. We work with your waste management company to schedule your cleaning. You simply put your can out as you normally would and we come by to clean your can after your trash has been picked up.

That means you get to take care of everything all in one day- no more trash AND a cleaner can. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

What Kind Of Cans Can You Clean?

Whatever kind of trash can you have, there’s a good chance we can clean it. That means whether you’ve been given a can from the waste company or if you’ve bought one from the store, we can clean it.


How Do You Clean Them?

We use a state-of-the-art truck designed to clean garbage cans. The truck limits the amount of water used and also ensure that no gunk or debris from your can is left behind. After all, what good is a clean can if it means you’ve got a whole new mess to clean up?

Our truck picks up the bins and cleans them with a combination of high pressure and hot water. This not only visually cleans the can but it also sanitizes them and deodorizes them.

Our equipment means we can provide a deeper (and quicker) clean than any DIY option.


How Can I Get Started? 

Simply give us a call or request a call back using the form above. When we call, we can collect basic information and get started ASAP. 

We Serve The Entire South Metro Area!

We don’t just offer trash can cleaning services in Highlands Ranch! We’re proud to serve the ENTIRE metro area with a focus on southern areas including:

  • Centennial
  • Lone Tree
  • Littleton
  • Englewood
  • Ken Caryl
  • Parker 
  • Highlands Ranch
  • Greenwood Village